How To Get That Promotion In 2019

The start of the year means new beginnings and great opportunities, especially for career men and women. You have worked hard with the hopes of scaling the corporate ladder and come 2019; you want to change your job title to a more senior one. However, wanting is one thing and doing something about it is another.

You can sit there and wish and hope that your boss notices your hard work and decides to promote you. Another thing that you could do is take essential steps that will help set you up for a promotion even before you approach your boss with the idea.

If you are serious about advancing your career, then here are a few key moves that will make a tremendous positive difference to your chances of getting that promotion.

Go through the performance review

If your company does performance reviews, then you probably received a copy of your report. This is the time to revisit that review and confirm that you have made the necessary improvements that your manager noted. Work on the very things that were pointed out, come next year. If for example, you are not a very good team player, now is the time to plan meetings with your team members and pay close attention to detail if that was another issue noted. Show your managers that you have grown professionally and improved on the areas of your performance that were wanting.

Successfully finish all your projects.

After successful completion of a significant project that you were assigned, it becomes easier for you to make your case for a promotion. Every project success will give you excellent bargaining power since you have proven your capability. As long as you haven’t compromised on quality and rushed through the work, then your projects should be flawless enough to impress your superiors when you show them off during your annual review. If all projects that you are assigned are successfully completed, then you have an excellent opportunity to get that title change eventually.

Volunteer now for something new.

At the beginning of 2019 propose to go the extra mile and take on something new. Volunteer to be part of or oversee a project. By volunteering, you will be showing your boss that you are dedicated to your job. Make sure you do this volunteer work diligently, and your boss will no doubt see how viable a candidate you are for promotion. Make sure you volunteer for something that you can actually do and be careful that you don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Improve an important skill

You also need to improve on critical skills for you to be considered for that promotion. If you need to enroll in a course to learn another programming language, then do so. Create that extra time to learn a new language or any job skills that will come in handy. Get more acquainted with your firm’s system software or learn new marketing techniques if that is your area. Show your boss that you are a professional who is growing and gets better every day. You will sacrifice time and effort to boost your job-related skills but in the end, they will pay off when eventually your boss is convinced that you deserve an improved job title.

Don’t play dirty

You want that promotion badly because you need a better paycheck and you want your life to improve. However, as much as you need it, you don’t need to play dirty to get it. For example, don’t make your colleagues look bad deliberately or don’t sleep with the boss and lastly don’t do any form of sabotage to get that next job title. Get your promotion fair and square and it will be more satisfying that way. Besides playing dirty might backfire on you at some point.

There is nothing wrong about desiring a promotion and 2019 should be your year to get it after you follow the above tips. Also, look into career coaching services to go the extra mile. Just be the best employee there is and your effort will not be in vain. Even when you don’t get a promotion within your company, you might still be grooming yourself up for an improved job title elsewhere. Therefore look at the bright side of everything that you do to get that promotion.