Welcome to Digital FASM!

The Digital Fine Art Society of New Mexico was founded in May 2002 to share ideas and knowledge, to educate, to mount group exhibitions, and to promote the advancement of Digital Fine Art and digital fine artists in the state of New Mexico.

The majority of members are experienced fine artists trained in traditional techniques of painting, drawing, photography, and printmaking. Other members are artists who want to become more familiar with digital art. We are united by our passion for using computer tools to create works of fine art and by our love for the evolving, creative medium of digital art.


  • To share information and techniques
  • To educate and promote digital fine art to the public
  • To arrange group exhibitions for digital fine art works


If you are a Fine Artist in New Mexico who is excited about and printing works of Digital Fine Art [sorry, not video, animation or multi-media], we invite you to join DFAS of New Mexico. JOIN NOW! Dues are $25 per year, renewable on the first of each following year.