What is SEO?

The short answer to this question is that it is a process of setting up a website, so it ranks as high as possible in relevant search results. Now, that is technically what search engine optimization is, but this statement does not explain the process very well. Here we will delve a little deeper into what SEO is and why it is important.

Search Engine

A search engine is a web page you visit to search for links to other web pages. You plug in a phrase, and the search engine instantly returns thousands, if not millions, of website links. How do these results end up on the page? How is it determined who is first on the list?

There are two ways to get your website listed in the search engine results. You can pay for a top spot, which is called a sponsored link, or you can rank organically. The latter is the most popular method because the only cost is what you put into your website (building, hosting, SEO, etc.)


Google, Yahoo, and Bing all have specific methods for choosing relevant organic search results. They take many different things into account, including the age of the website, keyword placement, links, back-links and so much more. Each search engine has automatic bots that go out and collect information about websites, stuff like:

  • Links- particularly authority links
  • Back-links
  • Keywords in domain name
  • Keywords throughout first few pages
  • Social Metrics


This is where your resident SEO expert comes into play! A search engine optimization expert will assess your web pages and determine where to make changes, such as adding relevant keyword rich content, backlinks and more. This way, you not only get increased traffic to your website but good traffic.

Targeted Results

A flood of traffic to your site looking for Windows operating system information when you sell window treatments is not going to be very helpful to your business. There was a time when simple keywords were enough to rank well in the search engines and result in good targeted traffic, but the highway is so congested today, it requires a better directions.

Longer keyword phrases, links to good authority sites related to your site, page ranking and quality of content all go into creating a website that is search engine optimized for the best results.


SEO is a simple concept that is not so simply implemented. Each search engine has a slightly different method for determining who ranks where and they are constantly upgrading and updating the system to weed out spam or junk websites and pages. Do you need a Connecticut SEO expert to look over your website and make an assessment? If you do not see good levels of organic traffic, the answer should be yes!